New Armor System

huge game-changing update! -We NEED your feedback!

Before we start!

Please, we need your feedback! Do you find this game interesting? Do you have any comments / suggestions? At this moment, I am working on this game by myself, and motivation is hard to come by. Any type of shout-out will or even if one person anticipates or like the idea of this game would be great and highly appreciated. Please, leave a comment, or tweet at us on twitter @_isolatedPixel , no, we do not have a “bot” on twitter, it’s just me, the programmer and only developer at this moment of this game until I achieve a certain point where the game is good to go and just needs more assets.

Who is making this?

Right now, it’s just one person, me! I’m the programmer, and right now “artist” too, even though my art skill are horrible… but I did manage to draw this character!… yea, it could be better, anyways, everything in this update is made by me, and myself only. My friends who were working on this with me are busy with College work at this moment, so yea, I’m on this solo mode. My hope is for the game to get enough popularity that I could start paying other people to help me out and make this game real! I program this using LWJGL and Java, I have about 5+years of experience with java, and about 3 of them were messing around with code and making random games, however, they all ended up in the drawer, but not this one! I’m going all out with this project! so bear with me!

Now for the updates!

New Sprites

Changed sprites! we have different sprites now; no, they are NOT perfect, I drew them by myself, and I am nothing close to an artist, I’m just a programmer with a bamboo tablet… and apparently too much time at my hands… haha the following screenshot is directly from the game.

New Character Model

The character in this GIF is holding a basic weapon, and no clothes… but wait!
I also added an “armor” capability, which means that you character can now wear clothes!

Wearing armor

Now as you can see, the clothes you wear actually change your stats, along with you appearance! the stats are another big update!


Stats alter the way the character feels and the way you will perceive your enjoyment and style of your gameplay. This will all depend,

Adding Stats

  • if you upgrade your STR (Strength) you will do more damage with physical objects and be able to carry heavier equipment like armor or weapons. This will also increase your Health pool!
  • If you upgrade your AGL (Agility) you will do more damage with precision base weapons like throw-able shuriken or other long rage abilities, it will also make your base speed faster and ability to jump higher.
  • If you upgrade your INTL (Intellect / Intelligence) you’ll do more damage with magical attacks, and will depend on them. it will also increase your Mana pool!

These stats will have more impact in the game later on, at this moment this is all we added to each individual stat.

If you noticed, there is also a “Crit Chance” which will tell you what are your odds of hitting a critical hit, and “critical DMG” which will say how much bonus damage it will do in addition to it’s base damage.


Your equipment now carries stats along with it! Each piece of clothing, or weapon, can carry stats to boost your base stats (will be indicated as “(+x)”, where x is the amount total from your armor/weapons.) in the following GIF you can see how my bonus stats change when I switch from the “M(agic)” marked weapon to the “P(hysical)” marked weapon.

Changing Weapons


There are 3 different types of projectiles at this moment, physical “projectile” which is a slashing sprite, Magical projectile which is a light blue ball of magic, and a ninja star projectile for ranged weapon.


Magic Attack

this is relatively slower than the other projectiles, because we wanted it to feel “calmer” than the faster throwing “ninja” style of ranged weaponry. of course, there will be more types of magical attacks later on.


Physical Attack

this is a simple slash img, the color will change depending on different variables in the future.


Ranged Attack

this is a fast paced weapon, throwing some throwing stars like a ninja!

The different weapon types are not balanced at this moment, but they each take their damage from different stats. we will add more weapon types and skills in the near future. for now this is just testing.

Thats it!

That’s it for this update, this is not all of what we worked on, but these articles take a heck of a lot of time to make, and this is without adding an edited version of gameplay… which will be included in the next article covering more of what had changed!

Again, please, comment, follow our project if you like where it’s going, we are going to scratch the name and think of a new one, we are working on a lot of modding tools for the modding community to be able to make your OWN adventures in this game with ease.

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Another update, another art…

This update is all about the art of the game, and where it is headed to.
What will be discussed:

Two houses on their way into the game
Several environmental arts
General art of the game, where it’s going and where it will end

The introduction of houses
The title says it all, two houses are on their way into Vigilante: Rebellion’s world, one of which would most likely be a shop, as the other would be a living quarters (although that is to be decided with the head programmer).

Note: They’re still in the making, it is a very different style of art than backgrounds and environments/platforms, so there would be a lot of updates to be made further down the road.

First house
Second house

Several Environmental additions
Let us start with a quick tree sketch (that would be seen a lot in this game). I personally enjoy having trees as one of the leading environmental aspect of the game.

tree sketch

Now, the rocks! Of course, we’re in a rocky snowy-like setting, so obviously there would be tons of rare looking rocks.

As seen below, here is an example of what they would look like.

more rocks

And now the foundation of it all; the platforms!
Basically, we’re aiming for a simple, good looking platform that wouldn’t distract the player yet deliver enjoyable visual experience.


So, where is our art headed to…

Our art for this game will continue to maintain its simplicity. Personally, I have a hard time keeping it simple with the art because I always return to my original habits of drawing realistic art rich in detail; and every time I go back, I remind myself that this game has to be simple and to look simple in order for it to succeed, or at least to satisfy our will.

The art of the game won’t change much, except for a few polishing, completion of certain missing visuals, and addition of further aspects (more environment;houses;platforms)

Even though what I’m about to say would most likely contradict the above, but perhaps in the future we would settle down for a different art style; however that is to be decided in the future, now we’re all about gathering some momentum for this game.

Last but not least, make sure to check us out on our personal website! As well as twitter and facebook.


Major Update Coming up!

What’s coming up in 0.0.8.X R?

Well, a lot! this update will make the game playable mostly (without missions or city) focusing on character progression.

This also includes Monster-maker for us to use (along with modderss! so stay tuned modders!) – this took the longest, It…

  • creates a monster,
  • assigns the stats that you give the monster
  • items (along with rarity of the item)
  • all frames of animation and organizes it in a sprite sheet
  • calculates the stats and experience the monster will give according to its difficulty!

we are also adding new textures, (coming up in next article) and a new monster that will fit better into the game’s current environment!

There are also a lot of improvements in the character stats as well (included in this article) so keep on reading!

New Temporary HUD

This was made for people besides the programmer (me) to use to analyze the basic character stats until we get everything done and ready by our artists (should be soon.)

I added one basic HUD on top left which shows the level of the character, hp out of max hp, mp out of max mp, and xp out of xp needed to level up. everything updates itself so it makes it easier to analyze the character’s situation on the go.

HUD, Character Stats

we also added another bar about the character’s head for more of a graphical view, the new bar is the XP bar and will show the amount of xp you have.

HUD, Character Stats

Character Stats

This is probably the most important feature in this update, the beginning of character stats! for now all we have is hp, mp, speed, and jump force calculations but we have also made sure the structure for the rest of the stats is ready to be implemented. We programmed a new formula for health, mana, and experience (temporary) and will finalize it by the end of this version code. next we will include calculation of damage, defense, and everything else. we are now working mainly on clothes stats and structure for that. then we will work on integrating that with the character’s native stats and giving a final result.

HUD, Character Stats

The three main stats (and only) stats right now are STR (strength) AGL (Agility) and INTL (Intelligence). for now when you add a point to STR, your HP will increase by about 3~5 points, and when you increase INTL your mp will increase by about 3~5 points. AGL does nothing for now, but is planned to increase movement speed, and critical damage. we will update more about this when the formulas are ready.

Our goal is not to make the user focus on just one stat, but to spread out and create the best character that represents the user’s favorite feature, it can be an agile warrior with heavy armor, or a magician with a lot of health but very slow. it all depends on your preference. You can depends on your skills for transportation like teleportation and then just focus on your INTL so you will have enough mana to use it as much as you want.


we are working on a new website, our current website sucks… we are working on a brand new one and will update you when it’s ready! it’s going to have a lot of new features for you guys to check out!


We did a short AMA the other day and found out our programmer’s favorite soup!
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World editor in action, new menu, hiring new character designer!

World editor in action, new menu, hiring new character designer!

New Menu!

well, some of you saw the old menu, some of you might have not even noticed it, well let me say it wasn’t fancy at all.. 😛
The old menu consisted of 2 “buttons,” which in reality were just 2 random textures i found in our textures folder, and 1 label “project DG.”
menu & editor, oh and achievement!
Well, now that we decided on the new name for the game, (still subject to change,) it opened new doors for us to expand the game by, such as an actual menu, and actual (yet temporary) logo.

so the new menu has about 5 buttons, yet only 2 of them work at the moment, these two are the “play” and the “level editor”
menu & editor, oh and achievement!
Play will take you into the game, in the future you will be able to choose a character to play with.
Level Edit will take you to the world editor* in which you will be able to create new worlds for the game and then play in them.

World Editor

The current world editor is pretty complex to use since it is only aimed at our staff members, it uses shortcuts we pretty much remember and there is no “go back” option yet.* (here is a screenshot of it in action)

menu & editor, oh and achievement!

We are hoping that by the time of release we will have more time to polish it and release it for you modders to use! The video we are publishing today is a time-lapse of the process we went through to create a looping world with 5 areas to explore. the areas are smaller than they would be in the actual game just for testing purposes (I wouldn’t want to walk across a long city in order to just test the platform’s functionality at this moment…)

Hiring a new Character Designer

we are currently interviewing few candidates so it may take a few days to a week. We will update you as long as we got someone or if something changes! if you are interested in applying, you still can! just email games @ isolatedpixel . com (erase spaces, for spamming reasons.) If you do email us, please include a portfolio of your past work, does not need to be commercial work, can be something you did as a hobby, and please try to include work that you think fits the style of the game. Thanks to all of the participants!


well, not much to say except..
hit place 20!
can we reach a higher rank this time?! 😛

Now for the Video!

* The level editor is currently just a developer tool, however it is scheduled to be used for modders too if everything goes as planned :)


We did a short AMA the other day and found out our programmer’s favorite soup!
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Graphics updates – Launching a patreon!

So… graphics… yea let’s talk about that

Alright, well it’s no secret, our graphics in game are not the best they could be. I learnt it the hard way, even if the game is amazing, as long as the graphics themselves aren’t attractive too at least to the same level as the gameplay, the chances of succeeding is low. well… I do NOT want this to happen to this game, so please guys, 

support us.

not only will you get access to amazing updates, alphas, and even the ability to influence gameplay… you will support us! we are running on empty as we speak and we all don’t have any choice but to do this. yes, we want to wait until the game is ready, but how can a game be ready without graphics? trust me, we are going to provide you guys with the best game we can possibly make! GUARANTEED!

“So… say  I support you… what do I get?”

Well good question! you see, there are many… many rewards you can get, ranging from simple pre-alpha access to the curious of you who want to see how a game looks like before it is ready for release all the way to a way to influence the game by creating your own city in the game! *there is also now a $1 option if you want to get access just to the amazing hidden news no-one else gets access to ! or… buy higher ranked for more secrets!

What will we do with the money?

Well… as the title says, we will buy sweet graphics for you guys! we need a minimum of $150 per update to actually make a difference. As I found out, graphics are expensive, however they are a necessity to our game. please, again, support us so we can create this game and don’t let it fall through the cracks.

Tier 1 – $150 per update
We are going to buy about 3 complete monsters spritesheets (unique and original, includes all the animation we need to put in the game)

Tier 2 – $300 per update
Character sprites & animation; this is a big one. with every update, we will be able to implement more character features such as races and different motions and expressions. the first update will buy us the first necessary set of animations to make it look much better than it is now.

Tier 3 – $500 per update
Equipment! what is a good RPG without equipment you can see on your characters? We want to support FULL character customization. help us make it real. this will buy us about 3 sets (more or less, depends on their complexity) of armor or accessories for the character. 

Tier 4 – $1000 per update 
Office?!! this means we will be more productive! at this time we are posting and doing everything from our own homes and yea.. there are distractions… an office means full productivity and more options of things we can provide you guys with, such as youtube videos or just random vlogs.

Anything beyond this will go to where-ever else we need it for such as Original Sound Track, and Storyline

Alright, now here is how this will work,

we ARE NOT going to blast updates and empty your wallets!

let’s say we hit tier 3 (god i wish this will happen) this means, every update will HAVE to have at least all these requirements updated. this means we will have 3 new monsters, new character animation. AND new 3 sets of equipment. This is a lot of work. if we hit tier 4 it will be done more efficiently and of course if we get to a good situation we will send you guys free updates for as long as we can support ourselves.

“Where can I go to support you?”
well if you didn’t see the big “support us link” that’s fine, just click the following link:
 Please share this link on any social network or retweet our previous tweet about this :

I can’t stress enough how important this project is to me. please. Help me make this a reality. Help me prove that countless hours behind these monitors were worth this.


Check out our new Patreon project 
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New Update inventory

Vigilante Rebellion – Working Inventory! Character Customization! Logger!



New Name!

We came up with a new name (something to do with the plot of the game… ) “Vigilante Rebellion
What do you think? please comment at the bottom if you like it or if you don’t! 😀


This version of the game includes major changes such as a new working inventory, enemies dropping items /money and character customization (for now i just made hats and swords but there are news about items too in the end!) we also added an “on-screen” logger that will tell you what happened recently such as how much money you picked up and how much experience you gained from killing that chicken! 😛


The inventory will consist of 3 tabs,

  • Equipment (wear-able)
  • Use-able items, (potions, boosts, etc)
  • Enemy droppings (like bird feathers? stuff that isn’t quite useful but can be used for quests.)

Working Inventory! Character Customization! Logger

Wear you armor!

You can now wear you equipment after you pick it up from the monsters! right now there is only 2 hats (well head-bands) and 2 swords
At this moment there are no boosts applied according to the items you wear.


The logger will provide you with fast information on the go, such as how much experience you have gained, how much money this monster dropped, the item id that you picked up, and more!
Working Inventory! Character Customization! Logger

Character Customization

This can be seen in the video (old video, it was a teaser to this upcoming update a while back)

What comes up next?

We are now working on a new version of the world editor, few tools for us *and* for modders (item maker, monster maker, etc) and a whole lot more such as actual character stats! expect a new video next update with our working world editor and a testing run in it!