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Another update, another art…

This update is all about the art of the game, and where it is headed to.
What will be discussed:

Two houses on their way into the game
Several environmental arts
General art of the game, where it’s going and where it will end

The introduction of houses
The title says it all, two houses are on their way into Vigilante: Rebellion’s world, one of which would most likely be a shop, as the other would be a living quarters (although that is to be decided with the head programmer).

Note: They’re still in the making, it is a very different style of art than backgrounds and environments/platforms, so there would be a lot of updates to be made further down the road.

First house
Second house

Several Environmental additions
Let us start with a quick tree sketch (that would be seen a lot in this game). I personally enjoy having trees as one of the leading environmental aspect of the game.

tree sketch

Now, the rocks! Of course, we’re in a rocky snowy-like setting, so obviously there would be tons of rare looking rocks.

As seen below, here is an example of what they would look like.

more rocks

And now the foundation of it all; the platforms!
Basically, we’re aiming for a simple, good looking platform that wouldn’t distract the player yet deliver enjoyable visual experience.


So, where is our art headed to…

Our art for this game will continue to maintain its simplicity. Personally, I have a hard time keeping it simple with the art because I always return to my original habits of drawing realistic art rich in detail; and every time I go back, I remind myself that this game has to be simple and to look simple in order for it to succeed, or at least to satisfy our will.

The art of the game won’t change much, except for a few polishing, completion of certain missing visuals, and addition of further aspects (more environment;houses;platforms)

Even though what I’m about to say would most likely contradict the above, but perhaps in the future we would settle down for a different art style; however that is to be decided in the future, now we’re all about gathering some momentum for this game.

Last but not least, make sure to check us out on our personal website! As well as twitter and facebook.

World editor in action, new menu, hiring new character designer!

World editor in action, new menu, hiring new character designer!

New Menu!

well, some of you saw the old menu, some of you might have not even noticed it, well let me say it wasn’t fancy at all.. ūüėõ
The old menu consisted of 2 “buttons,” which in reality were just 2 random textures i found in our textures folder, and 1 label “project DG.”
menu & editor, oh and achievement!
Well, now that we decided on the new name for the game, (still subject to change,) it opened new doors for us to expand the game by, such as an actual menu, and actual (yet temporary) logo.

so the new menu has about 5 buttons, yet only 2 of them work at the moment, these two are the “play” and the “level editor”
menu & editor, oh and achievement!
Play will take you into the game, in the future you will be able to choose a character to play with.
Level Edit will take you to the world editor* in which you will be able to create new worlds for the game and then play in them.

World Editor

The current world editor is pretty complex to use since it is only aimed at our staff members, it uses shortcuts we pretty much remember and there is no “go back” option yet.* (here is a screenshot of it in action)

menu & editor, oh and achievement!

We are hoping that by the time of release we will have more time to polish it and release it for you modders to use! The video we are publishing today is a time-lapse of the process we went through to create a looping world with 5 areas to explore. the areas are smaller than they would be in the actual game just for testing purposes (I wouldn’t want to walk across a long city in order to just test the platform’s functionality at this moment…)

Hiring a new Character Designer

we are currently interviewing few candidates so it may take a few days to a week. We will update you as long as we got someone or if something changes! if you are interested in applying, you still can! just email games @ isolatedpixel . com (erase spaces, for spamming reasons.) If you do email us, please include a portfolio of your past work, does not need to be commercial work, can be something you did as a hobby, and please try to include work that you think fits the style of the game. Thanks to all of the participants!


well, not much to say except..
hit place 20!
can we reach a higher rank this time?! ūüėõ

Now for the Video!

* The level editor is currently just a developer tool, however it is scheduled to be used for modders too if everything goes as planned :)


We did a short AMA the other day and found out our programmer’s favorite soup!
if you want to participate in the next one, make sure you follow us on twitter! we will publish an update there when we do it, and also feel free to request one from any of us!

check out our website 
and our twitter and facebook:

Monster Spawner

Monster Spawn, Diagonal Platforms and new Animation

Monster Spawner 

now we can select a platform in the world editor that could be a monster spawner, meaning that every set amount of time, it will check if it reached the summoning cap, if it didn’t, it will spawn a new monster!

Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms
Here you can see how they are being spawned while I kill one of them

Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms
And here is the platform reaching max capacity. (edits were made to GIF to minimize weight of GIF)

The monster spawners are an essential part of the game, and in the future we will make them more intelligent as of when and where to spawn monster, for now it just summons them within the platform’s bounds.

New Animation

The character has a new walk animation, it is a rough draft so it isn’t “clean” completely (I took it from the artist before it was done.. couldn’t wait…) I think it looks much better, any opinions out there?

Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms
Here is the character walking right and left


This was the end of 0.0.7.X and we finally hit 0.0.8.X with our new Sloped platforms (diagonal platforms) which even until now are still being updated but we reached a sufficient stage to release.

We faced a lot of bugs, such as the “spazzing” where the character would freak out

Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms

or the gravity bug, where you would fall down in between platfrom segments (forgot to take a GIF of it before fixing…)

or the weird gravity ignoring case where the character would climb an invisible stair case if teleported to a specific location between the platform segments…
Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms

eventually it all worked out well though, The GIFs you see now are without any background because it is easier to see mistakes with a solid background. After repair the Background was brought back to the game.

Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms

This Required a lot of math, which is the main reason why this took so long, we will upload some of our math next update with pics of my math skills in action!

Whats next?
Now all we have to do is implement diagonal Platforms in our world editor and be able to save platform segments with out world file.

Game Dev – Project DG V. 0.0.4.X

Game Dev Log – Project DG 0.0.4.x

So, lately we started ¬†“twitting…” stuff… well… yea… we never actually used twitter except for publishing our articles on there, but now… i got addicted… I twit like… anything… lol. Go follow us @_isolatedPixel¬†For updates on versions that we didn’t post on here yet, and get random leaks… there are even some there right now that I took while programming the game!…

Ok, now back to the subject… Version 0.0.4.x, Well, there isn’t that much to it, well as far as you guys can “see” but it goes as follows:

Indie Dev Log –

There weren’t many edits here, but we did tweak up some stuff and add a little bit.

    Fluid Camera

We added fluidity to the camera, meaning it is not “locked on” the character and follows it keeping it at the center, the camera now keeps a little delay and “follows” the character. It makes the camera feel neater. Well in my opinion at least… lol


You may be asking yourself… what’s up with that bull… and where did our beloved Baby Chicken disappeared to?? Well, don’t worry, I was just testing it for future purposed, they will both be place holders for other stuff.


We started working on HUD for the game, but for now it is on the same layer as the game itself, so the HUD will remain at the same spot when the character moves, meaning that it acts like a game object and would simply get out of your point of view… ehh… you’ll see what I mean in the GIF. Oh, and side-note, all of the GIFs have low fps compared to the actual game, it is much smoother in the game, you will see when I publish the video, which will probably be tomorrow!

Project DG

Fluid Camera, Bull, and HUD

Indie Dev Log –

In this version, we added camera layers, and a basic AI!

Camera Layers

So there are actually 2 layers now, even though it could look like three… first layer, is the background (No more green screen!!) second layer, is the game, third layer is basically re-using the 1st layer to draw on top of the whole game. Since the 1st layer isn’t moving, well for now, we are just re-using the coordinates from it.


The AI is fairly simple for now, the character chooses random direction (Left or Right) or to rest for a bit, and for what distance to do that. There is also a target system, once you hit the enemy, it will try to follow you, the enemy cant damage you yet bit it does freak out in order to reach you…


V0.0.4.1 Added AI and fixed HUD (Camera Layers)

Indie Dev Log –

Nothing too big on this one, we just tweaked the AI and reduced speed. OH AND THE BABY CHICK RETURNED!!

Return of The Baby Chick

YES YOU ARE SEEING RIGHT, the baby chicken is BACK! in the beginning I was just testing out the bull sprite sheet, it was supposed to be part of the old game originally but was never added, we are going to use it for testing! Isn’t that exciting?…. no..?. really… Ok…

AI Tweaks

We fixed the speed of the AI and there were sometimes where it would just pick left or idle, meaning no moving right unless he hits a wall… so yea… that was fixed! And the AI is now MULTIPLYING …. for testing purposes, once the enemy is killed (10 pig shots.. lol) he will die and summon 2 more! for the fun of never ending BULLS following you!



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New Android game main menu

Play Now TomChick’s Adventures Free!*

You can now play TomChick’s adventures free on the market!

In the free edition you get to play 5 out of the 34 levels presented in the full game so you could experience the basics of the game!

In the full game you will also get to experience a different game play which is survival mode!

So go check out the new android game TomChick’s adventure and check out our website for more updates!

we will also start to write more blogs in this website such as dev blogs for games and apps, and things we faced while developing the game!

TomChick’s Adventures – Free