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do people still like 2D sidescrollers rpg (open world)

Update Coming Tomorrow!

Reddit and small comment!

So this quick update is just to inform you that we started posting on reddit! check out our first post at reddit!

do people still like 2D sidescrollers rpg (open world)

do people still like 2D sidescrollers rpg (open world)

 Do people still like 2DSideScrollers RPG (Open World)

This question is of high importance to us, since this is a project that we are putting a lot of time and effort into, and we are not taking any shortcuts like unity (which other indie dev do) for the solemn reason that I (the programmer) highly prefer also learning from the code as I write it from scratch and face complex situations that can be solved. Indie Game Development, as we found out, is not as easy as it may seem. We are hoping to bring this game to closed Alpha testing by early next month. We also already have an interesting plot that we think is unique to our game, and a cool name to go with it!
Get ready!

On another note, We didn’t have enough time into actually updating the game today, but we are now thinking about the concept of character stats and more in depth about skills. We will update you guys as soon as we have more information! get ready for new article on IndieDB and here tomorrow!



teleportation Portal


Little Update

So as you may have noticed, the “daily updates” don’t actually appear “daily,” we will do our best to bring them to you every day that we do not have a big update laying around that needs to be published! like today… however.. today you will take a look into 0.0.8.X… which is not close to being talked about in indieDB or even on here as an actual article yet. We try to keep the websites about 2 ~ 3 sub-updates behind just to be sure we have enough content to present in a day where we did not get to do anything due to one reason or another.

Exclusive Update

The Portal!

This is going to be brief, yet informative, as some of you may know this is going to be a 2D side-Scrolling RPG, with “open-world” aspects. We want to provide freedom to the user, to as much of an extent as we can, so we are adding this open world that will be updated throughout closed pre-alpha all the way to release and even afterwards with updates! we want to build a universe that you would want to be in!

Here is a portal in action, take in account this is NOT drawn by our artists, but by our artisticly unskilled programmer (le moi) so cut me some slack plz xD.. lol

teleportation Portal

teleportation Portal

once you click “w” on your keyboard next to portal you are switched to loading screen and then teleported to the next map!

That’s it for this quick update! stay tuned!


First Daily Update

NEW – Daily Updates

what is it?

We are going to start updating daily about what we did throughout that same day and what you should expect on the update coming up! So get ready for all the information we can give you!

So what happened today?

today I am working on one of the 0.0.7.x updates, this one includes a LOT of trigonometry… ugh… it was a nightmare… but!!! it will give us the option to include sloped platforms for the game which every mob can walk on, this may seem simplistic… but boy is that hard to implement, well at least since I never actually tried to do that before. (you can see a pic on twitter  )

what’s up next?

coming right up, is a new article for our game about version 0.0.6 R1 for our website, and right after, we will start working (well already did) on update 0.0.7.X ! this update includes a lot of changes and actually makes the game somewhat-playable. I am really excited to picture our indie game growing up so fast… it feels like just yesterday I was debugging the character walking speed and fixing up our timestep… alright enough with the nerdy talk! the game is getting pretty awesome, and I am hoping version 0.0.8 or 0.0.9 will be about us just adding skills and effects and before the 0.1.0 (pre [closed] alpha release) we will include some quests to go along with it.