Graphics updates – Launching a patreon!

So… graphics… yea let’s talk about that

Alright, well it’s no secret, our graphics in game are not the best they could be. I learnt it the hard way, even if the game is amazing, as long as the graphics themselves aren’t attractive too at least to the same level as the gameplay, the chances of succeeding is low. well… I do NOT want this to happen to this game, so please guys, 

support us.

not only will you get access to amazing updates, alphas, and even the ability to influence gameplay… you will support us! we are running on empty as we speak and we all don’t have any choice but to do this. yes, we want to wait until the game is ready, but how can a game be ready without graphics? trust me, we are going to provide you guys with the best game we can possibly make! GUARANTEED!

“So… say  I support you… what do I get?”

Well good question! you see, there are many… many rewards you can get, ranging from simple pre-alpha access to the curious of you who want to see how a game looks like before it is ready for release all the way to a way to influence the game by creating your own city in the game! *there is also now a $1 option if you want to get access just to the amazing hidden news no-one else gets access to ! or… buy higher ranked for more secrets!

What will we do with the money?

Well… as the title says, we will buy sweet graphics for you guys! we need a minimum of $150 per update to actually make a difference. As I found out, graphics are expensive, however they are a necessity to our game. please, again, support us so we can create this game and don’t let it fall through the cracks.

Tier 1 – $150 per update
We are going to buy about 3 complete monsters spritesheets (unique and original, includes all the animation we need to put in the game)

Tier 2 – $300 per update
Character sprites & animation; this is a big one. with every update, we will be able to implement more character features such as races and different motions and expressions. the first update will buy us the first necessary set of animations to make it look much better than it is now.

Tier 3 – $500 per update
Equipment! what is a good RPG without equipment you can see on your characters? We want to support FULL character customization. help us make it real. this will buy us about 3 sets (more or less, depends on their complexity) of armor or accessories for the character. 

Tier 4 – $1000 per update 
Office?!! this means we will be more productive! at this time we are posting and doing everything from our own homes and yea.. there are distractions… an office means full productivity and more options of things we can provide you guys with, such as youtube videos or just random vlogs.

Anything beyond this will go to where-ever else we need it for such as Original Sound Track, and Storyline

Alright, now here is how this will work,

we ARE NOT going to blast updates and empty your wallets!

let’s say we hit tier 3 (god i wish this will happen) this means, every update will HAVE to have at least all these requirements updated. this means we will have 3 new monsters, new character animation. AND new 3 sets of equipment. This is a lot of work. if we hit tier 4 it will be done more efficiently and of course if we get to a good situation we will send you guys free updates for as long as we can support ourselves.

“Where can I go to support you?”
well if you didn’t see the big “support us link” that’s fine, just click the following link:
 Please share this link on any social network or retweet our previous tweet about this :

I can’t stress enough how important this project is to me. please. Help me make this a reality. Help me prove that countless hours behind these monitors were worth this.


Check out our new Patreon project 
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