Alpha Testing

Have a youtube channel and want an exlusive game to present on your channel?
We will give a select people a FREE copy of our game once we hit version 0.1.0!
So be one of them!
This will be considered pre-alpha and will have at least a demo level.

Our game is a 2D sidescroller RPG, however instead of using just the keyboard as most generic games do, we also use the mouse in order to give the olayer more freedom with his/her attacks and casts! the game will have a race and job system, which will alsl consist of a skill set aystem!
There is already a lot of progress that had been done and you can see it all on our indiedb page or website, moreover,you can feel free to check on our twitter for updates on the go! Keep in mind that our news here or on our website are a few versions behind to give us time to write them, therefore you will get the most updated version of the game for absolutely free!
There will be items for you to colect and use, customization for character and more! Stay tuned!

Check out project DG on indiedb and our twitter @_isolatedpixel everything located on our website or our indiedb page!

all you need is a youtube account with 100 or more subscribers! Thats all! First come first serve basis!

Help us and we will help you!

To Apply
Send an email to games @ isolatedpixel . com (remove spaces) with youtube account 😀

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