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Portal !.. (s), AI, new animation, and hiring!


we added a portal to the game and a loading screen in between maps (soon to be changed, using logo for now) the portals are poorly drawn by me as a temporary place holder 😛
I created a quick 3 maps that loop using portals, center map is a “peaceful” map which will turn to be a city in the future, now has two NPC’s, the other two maps are routes filled with mobs.
The game is starting to get a shape of an actual game, yet the road stretches ahead, so bear with us!


The mobs will now ignore you and keep in their business after a random time segment from being harassed. Just gives them a new “feature” of course we will re-edit them eventually, but for testing purposes this is fine. We will edit them in depth once we have stats planned out for both characters and enemies.

New Animation

The character now has a breathing animation and cleaner looking walk animation. We are looking for a new Character Animator due to overload on our current character Animator, more detail later on!

New Background

We added a new background as you can see in the video at the bottom. the background is more “relaxed” and uses calmer tones.

Job – Character Animator

We are looking for a new Character Animator due to overload on our previous character animator, if you are interested and/or has previous experience and want to join us in our journey, please contact us through email or tweeter (email: games @ Isolatedpixel . com [remove spaces]) — even if you can just provide the skeleton for the character (outline) without coloring, that would be enough for now and one of our current artists can manage editing it, So anything helps, it will take a huge load off us!

and yes, my character is OP in the video, i have unlimited mana for teleportation 😛 2STRONK


Want a free copy of this game? follow us on twitter and check out our websites and this page often (we recommend you press the “watch” button so you’ll get updates as soon as we release them :D.) once we hit version 0.1.0.X ! (It’s getting closer!)

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So if you and/or your friends are interested in obtaining a copy of this game make sure to

check out our website IsolatedPixel.com 
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Game Dev – Project DG V. 0.0.4.X

Game Dev Log – Project DG 0.0.4.x

So, lately we started  “twitting…” stuff… well… yea… we never actually used twitter except for publishing our articles on there, but now… i got addicted… I twit like… anything… lol. Go follow us @_isolatedPixel For updates on versions that we didn’t post on here yet, and get random leaks… there are even some there right now that I took while programming the game!…

Ok, now back to the subject… Version 0.0.4.x, Well, there isn’t that much to it, well as far as you guys can “see” but it goes as follows:

Indie Dev Log –

There weren’t many edits here, but we did tweak up some stuff and add a little bit.

    Fluid Camera

We added fluidity to the camera, meaning it is not “locked on” the character and follows it keeping it at the center, the camera now keeps a little delay and “follows” the character. It makes the camera feel neater. Well in my opinion at least… lol


You may be asking yourself… what’s up with that bull… and where did our beloved Baby Chicken disappeared to?? Well, don’t worry, I was just testing it for future purposed, they will both be place holders for other stuff.


We started working on HUD for the game, but for now it is on the same layer as the game itself, so the HUD will remain at the same spot when the character moves, meaning that it acts like a game object and would simply get out of your point of view… ehh… you’ll see what I mean in the GIF. Oh, and side-note, all of the GIFs have low fps compared to the actual game, it is much smoother in the game, you will see when I publish the video, which will probably be tomorrow!

Project DG

Fluid Camera, Bull, and HUD

Indie Dev Log –

In this version, we added camera layers, and a basic AI!

Camera Layers

So there are actually 2 layers now, even though it could look like three… first layer, is the background (No more green screen!!) second layer, is the game, third layer is basically re-using the 1st layer to draw on top of the whole game. Since the 1st layer isn’t moving, well for now, we are just re-using the coordinates from it.


The AI is fairly simple for now, the character chooses random direction (Left or Right) or to rest for a bit, and for what distance to do that. There is also a target system, once you hit the enemy, it will try to follow you, the enemy cant damage you yet bit it does freak out in order to reach you…


V0.0.4.1 Added AI and fixed HUD (Camera Layers)

Indie Dev Log –

Nothing too big on this one, we just tweaked the AI and reduced speed. OH AND THE BABY CHICK RETURNED!!

Return of The Baby Chick

YES YOU ARE SEEING RIGHT, the baby chicken is BACK! in the beginning I was just testing out the bull sprite sheet, it was supposed to be part of the old game originally but was never added, we are going to use it for testing! Isn’t that exciting?…. no..?. really… Ok…

AI Tweaks

We fixed the speed of the AI and there were sometimes where it would just pick left or idle, meaning no moving right unless he hits a wall… so yea… that was fixed! And the AI is now MULTIPLYING …. for testing purposes, once the enemy is killed (10 pig shots.. lol) he will die and summon 2 more! for the fun of never ending BULLS following you!