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indie game update

Portal !.. (s), AI, new animation, and hiring!


we added a portal to the game and a loading screen in between maps (soon to be changed, using logo for now) the portals are poorly drawn by me as a temporary place holder 😛
I created a quick 3 maps that loop using portals, center map is a “peaceful” map which will turn to be a city in the future, now has two NPC’s, the other two maps are routes filled with mobs.
The game is starting to get a shape of an actual game, yet the road stretches ahead, so bear with us!


The mobs will now ignore you and keep in their business after a random time segment from being harassed. Just gives them a new “feature” of course we will re-edit them eventually, but for testing purposes this is fine. We will edit them in depth once we have stats planned out for both characters and enemies.

New Animation

The character now has a breathing animation and cleaner looking walk animation. We are looking for a new Character Animator due to overload on our current character Animator, more detail later on!

New Background

We added a new background as you can see in the video at the bottom. the background is more “relaxed” and uses calmer tones.

Job – Character Animator

We are looking for a new Character Animator due to overload on our previous character animator, if you are interested and/or has previous experience and want to join us in our journey, please contact us through email or tweeter (email: games @ Isolatedpixel . com [remove spaces]) — even if you can just provide the skeleton for the character (outline) without coloring, that would be enough for now and one of our current artists can manage editing it, So anything helps, it will take a huge load off us!

and yes, my character is OP in the video, i have unlimited mana for teleportation 😛 2STRONK


Want a free copy of this game? follow us on twitter and check out our websites and this page often (we recommend you press the “watch” button so you’ll get updates as soon as we release them :D.) once we hit version 0.1.0.X ! (It’s getting closer!)

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So if you and/or your friends are interested in obtaining a copy of this game make sure to

check out our website IsolatedPixel.com 
and our twitter and facebook:

new parallax background

New Background, MODDERS – level editor

Update 0.0.7.X

Version 0.0.7.X is mostly about the world editor, and while this was worked on, I also worked on new development/modding tools that will be presented in the next article!

This update wasn’t big at all, all there is to it is a new background, so feast your eyes!


What did we add?


First of all we added an invisible “grid” system. Basically it uses units of smallest platform possible to place platforms in the world

we added the ability to actually add platforms, which uses the grid to place it ( you will see how the placing isn’t “smooth,” this is done on purpose. This is to make sure platforms aren’t overlapping themselves in a weird way.

What are these coins that stay randomly floating for? This was just part of platform testing, I didn’t feel like taking them off yet simply because the platforms aren’t perfect yet, (but if you follow our twitter you will see what they look like when they are close to perfect… 😛 twitter link)





To place an NPC, you need to press “T” and pick an NPC, then you can put this specific NPC down as many times as you would like, to select platforms, simply place the “space-bar” and place as many as you wish.

New background (Revision 3)


As you can see it moves in layers, which creates a false-3D effect — or Parallax background effect 😀 (this is not yet perfected and will probably not be for a while, yet it works!) This background actually went through more revisions but it would be redundant if we would show you each one, this is the most recent one! Major Update

High-Lighting Selected Object


Platform Tweaks!

Now you can increase the length of a platform! use “D” to enlarge to the right, or “A” to minimize to the left.


Camera Controls


Player Spawn

Now there is an initial player spawn selector. you can place the green block where-ever your would like the player to spawn at! (press “P” to select player spawn and then click anywhere to place it.)


Saving/Loading Maps!

Now when you exit the level editor, the map you created gets saved! then once you launch the game and open press the play button it will immediately load for you the appropriate background to that map and everything inside of the map you saved for you to play-test! (the game will only load level “0” for now)



Check out Alpha Testing tab on the top of the website if you are interested in a free copy!