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New Armor System

huge game-changing update! -We NEED your feedback!

Before we start!

Please, we need your feedback! Do you find this game interesting? Do you have any comments / suggestions? At this moment, I am working on this game by myself, and motivation is hard to come by. Any type of shout-out will or even if one person anticipates or like the idea of this game would be great and highly appreciated. Please, leave a comment, or tweet at us on twitter @_isolatedPixel , no, we do not have a “bot” on twitter, it’s just me, the programmer and only developer at this moment of this game until I achieve a certain point where the game is good to go and just needs more assets.

Who is making this?

Right now, it’s just one person, me! I’m the programmer, and right now “artist” too, even though my art skill are horrible… but I did manage to draw this character!… yea, it could be better, anyways, everything in this update is made by me, and myself only. My friends who were working on this with me are busy with College work at this moment, so yea, I’m on this solo mode. My hope is for the game to get enough popularity that I could start paying other people to help me out and make this game real! I program this using LWJGL and Java, I have about 5+years of experience with java, and about 3 of them were messing around with code and making random games, however, they all ended up in the drawer, but not this one! I’m going all out with this project! so bear with me!

Now for the updates!

New Sprites

Changed sprites! we have different sprites now; no, they are NOT perfect, I drew them by myself, and I am nothing close to an artist, I’m just a programmer with a bamboo tablet… and apparently too much time at my hands… haha the following screenshot is directly from the game.

New Character Model

The character in this GIF is holding a basic weapon, and no clothes… but wait!
I also added an “armor” capability, which means that you character can now wear clothes!

Wearing armor

Now as you can see, the clothes you wear actually change your stats, along with you appearance! the stats are another big update!


Stats alter the way the character feels and the way you will perceive your enjoyment and style of your gameplay. This will all depend,

Adding Stats

  • if you upgrade your STR (Strength) you will do more damage with physical objects and be able to carry heavier equipment like armor or weapons. This will also increase your Health pool!
  • If you upgrade your AGL (Agility) you will do more damage with precision base weapons like throw-able shuriken or other long rage abilities, it will also make your base speed faster and ability to jump higher.
  • If you upgrade your INTL (Intellect / Intelligence) you’ll do more damage with magical attacks, and will depend on them. it will also increase your Mana pool!

These stats will have more impact in the game later on, at this moment this is all we added to each individual stat.

If you noticed, there is also a “Crit Chance” which will tell you what are your odds of hitting a critical hit, and “critical DMG” which will say how much bonus damage it will do in addition to it’s base damage.


Your equipment now carries stats along with it! Each piece of clothing, or weapon, can carry stats to boost your base stats (will be indicated as “(+x)”, where x is the amount total from your armor/weapons.) in the following GIF you can see how my bonus stats change when I switch from the “M(agic)” marked weapon to the “P(hysical)” marked weapon.

Changing Weapons


There are 3 different types of projectiles at this moment, physical “projectile” which is a slashing sprite, Magical projectile which is a light blue ball of magic, and a ninja star projectile for ranged weapon.


Magic Attack

this is relatively slower than the other projectiles, because we wanted it to feel “calmer” than the faster throwing “ninja” style of ranged weaponry. of course, there will be more types of magical attacks later on.


Physical Attack

this is a simple slash img, the color will change depending on different variables in the future.


Ranged Attack

this is a fast paced weapon, throwing some throwing stars like a ninja!

The different weapon types are not balanced at this moment, but they each take their damage from different stats. we will add more weapon types and skills in the near future. for now this is just testing.

Thats it!

That’s it for this update, this is not all of what we worked on, but these articles take a heck of a lot of time to make, and this is without adding an edited version of gameplay… which will be included in the next article covering more of what had changed!

Again, please, comment, follow our project if you like where it’s going, we are going to scratch the name and think of a new one, we are working on a lot of modding tools for the modding community to be able to make your OWN adventures in this game with ease.

check out our website IsolatedPixel.com
and our twitter and facebook:

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(There will be a video next update, so make sure you subscribe to see it before it even gets here!)

Graphics updates – Launching a patreon!

So… graphics… yea let’s talk about that

Alright, well it’s no secret, our graphics in game are not the best they could be. I learnt it the hard way, even if the game is amazing, as long as the graphics themselves aren’t attractive too at least to the same level as the gameplay, the chances of succeeding is low. well… I do NOT want this to happen to this game, so please guys, 

support us.

not only will you get access to amazing updates, alphas, and even the ability to influence gameplay… you will support us! we are running on empty as we speak and we all don’t have any choice but to do this. yes, we want to wait until the game is ready, but how can a game be ready without graphics? trust me, we are going to provide you guys with the best game we can possibly make! GUARANTEED!

“So… say  I support you… what do I get?”

Well good question! you see, there are many… many rewards you can get, ranging from simple pre-alpha access to the curious of you who want to see how a game looks like before it is ready for release all the way to a way to influence the game by creating your own city in the game! *there is also now a $1 option if you want to get access just to the amazing hidden news no-one else gets access to ! or… buy higher ranked for more secrets!

What will we do with the money?

Well… as the title says, we will buy sweet graphics for you guys! we need a minimum of $150 per update to actually make a difference. As I found out, graphics are expensive, however they are a necessity to our game. please, again, support us so we can create this game and don’t let it fall through the cracks.

Tier 1 – $150 per update
We are going to buy about 3 complete monsters spritesheets (unique and original, includes all the animation we need to put in the game)

Tier 2 – $300 per update
Character sprites & animation; this is a big one. with every update, we will be able to implement more character features such as races and different motions and expressions. the first update will buy us the first necessary set of animations to make it look much better than it is now.

Tier 3 – $500 per update
Equipment! what is a good RPG without equipment you can see on your characters? We want to support FULL character customization. help us make it real. this will buy us about 3 sets (more or less, depends on their complexity) of armor or accessories for the character. 

Tier 4 – $1000 per update 
Office?!! this means we will be more productive! at this time we are posting and doing everything from our own homes and yea.. there are distractions… an office means full productivity and more options of things we can provide you guys with, such as youtube videos or just random vlogs.

Anything beyond this will go to where-ever else we need it for such as Original Sound Track, and Storyline

Alright, now here is how this will work,

we ARE NOT going to blast updates and empty your wallets!

let’s say we hit tier 3 (god i wish this will happen) this means, every update will HAVE to have at least all these requirements updated. this means we will have 3 new monsters, new character animation. AND new 3 sets of equipment. This is a lot of work. if we hit tier 4 it will be done more efficiently and of course if we get to a good situation we will send you guys free updates for as long as we can support ourselves.

“Where can I go to support you?”
well if you didn’t see the big “support us link” that’s fine, just click the following link:
 Please share this link on any social network or retweet our previous tweet about this :

I can’t stress enough how important this project is to me. please. Help me make this a reality. Help me prove that countless hours behind these monitors were worth this.


Check out our new Patreon project 
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indie game update

Portal !.. (s), AI, new animation, and hiring!


we added a portal to the game and a loading screen in between maps (soon to be changed, using logo for now) the portals are poorly drawn by me as a temporary place holder 😛
I created a quick 3 maps that loop using portals, center map is a “peaceful” map which will turn to be a city in the future, now has two NPC’s, the other two maps are routes filled with mobs.
The game is starting to get a shape of an actual game, yet the road stretches ahead, so bear with us!


The mobs will now ignore you and keep in their business after a random time segment from being harassed. Just gives them a new “feature” of course we will re-edit them eventually, but for testing purposes this is fine. We will edit them in depth once we have stats planned out for both characters and enemies.

New Animation

The character now has a breathing animation and cleaner looking walk animation. We are looking for a new Character Animator due to overload on our current character Animator, more detail later on!

New Background

We added a new background as you can see in the video at the bottom. the background is more “relaxed” and uses calmer tones.

Job – Character Animator

We are looking for a new Character Animator due to overload on our previous character animator, if you are interested and/or has previous experience and want to join us in our journey, please contact us through email or tweeter (email: games @ Isolatedpixel . com [remove spaces]) — even if you can just provide the skeleton for the character (outline) without coloring, that would be enough for now and one of our current artists can manage editing it, So anything helps, it will take a huge load off us!

and yes, my character is OP in the video, i have unlimited mana for teleportation 😛 2STRONK


Want a free copy of this game? follow us on twitter and check out our websites and this page often (we recommend you press the “watch” button so you’ll get updates as soon as we release them :D.) once we hit version 0.1.0.X ! (It’s getting closer!)

Don’t miss out on this awesome giveaway!

So if you and/or your friends are interested in obtaining a copy of this game make sure to

check out our website IsolatedPixel.com 
and our twitter and facebook:

New Update inventory

Huge Update coming soon! Kickstarter?

Where Have We Been?

well, let’s cut straight to the chase, where the heck have we been? I mean, we did guarantee a daily update on our website and all that, oh well… there is a reason for it! we are still alive! And we are sorry about the delay! 

For us right now, it’s testing season… yea… we have that too… and this project is a “side-job” which we hope to turn into a full time job soon (we are planning a kickstarter, information at the bottom!) Anyways, we are going to be back FULL power and even better, on may 6th. Can’t wait to get back to programming 24/7 :D. We didn’t spend this whole time doing nothing though, we added stuff to the game here and there (artists were stuffed with work to do, so there isn’t a graphics update yet, except for the background which constantly goes through changes.) 

working inv

What did we add?

… you  may ask… well, we added a new design (temporary) for the Inventory GUI (which looks much more attractive than green and red blocks on grey rectangle…) and made the inventory function-able with 3 tabs, one for clothing on equipment, one for potions and stuff you can interact/use, and one for monster/enemy drops. we added actual items in the game that can fill up these spots in the inventory and used, (for now only about 4 equipments, give or take, and they are designed by me, so quality is poop-quality…. don’t expect anything better..) 

We have 2 headbands (blue and red) and 2 Swords (“long” and “short” which btw are both short… Ihave no sense of proportion apparently and I didn’t feel like fixing… mostly because it’s just temporary and for testing.) these items can be equipped and now have names and descriptions (details about the equipment float above them once you hover over them)

Even though this all worked, it still didn’t save the inventory. But don’t you worry! I am actually working on this as I write this article and I believe I will finish by today! 


looking back I did add a lot (programming wise…) we also have a portal now to “teleport” or transport from one place to another, and three maps that circulate in a loop, and yea… just wait for the next update for more information! hopefully this weekend, and expect daily updates to start coming up on IsolatedPixel.com starting May 6th!

here is a quick video about the new updates:


We are planning on making a kickstarter in late May so expect that! for now, unjoy these new updates as they come along! BTW, all of you who have joined for the Closed Alpha Testing, you will receive your copy a few days before Kickstarter Launches


Want a free copy of this game? follow us on twitter and check out our websites and this page often (we recommend you press the “watch” button so you’ll get updates as soon as we release them :D.) once we hit version 0.1.0.X ! (It’s getting closer!)

Don’t miss out on this awesome giveaway! 

So if you and/or your friends are interested in obtaining a copy of this game make sure to

check out our apply page (in the website)

and our twitter and facebook:

Monster Spawner

Monster Spawn, Diagonal Platforms and new Animation

Monster Spawner 

now we can select a platform in the world editor that could be a monster spawner, meaning that every set amount of time, it will check if it reached the summoning cap, if it didn’t, it will spawn a new monster!

Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms
Here you can see how they are being spawned while I kill one of them

Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms
And here is the platform reaching max capacity. (edits were made to GIF to minimize weight of GIF)

The monster spawners are an essential part of the game, and in the future we will make them more intelligent as of when and where to spawn monster, for now it just summons them within the platform’s bounds.

New Animation

The character has a new walk animation, it is a rough draft so it isn’t “clean” completely (I took it from the artist before it was done.. couldn’t wait…) I think it looks much better, any opinions out there?

Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms
Here is the character walking right and left


This was the end of 0.0.7.X and we finally hit 0.0.8.X with our new Sloped platforms (diagonal platforms) which even until now are still being updated but we reached a sufficient stage to release.

We faced a lot of bugs, such as the “spazzing” where the character would freak out

Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms

or the gravity bug, where you would fall down in between platfrom segments (forgot to take a GIF of it before fixing…)

or the weird gravity ignoring case where the character would climb an invisible stair case if teleported to a specific location between the platform segments…
Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms

eventually it all worked out well though, The GIFs you see now are without any background because it is easier to see mistakes with a solid background. After repair the Background was brought back to the game.

Monster Spawner, New Animation, Diagonal platforms

This Required a lot of math, which is the main reason why this took so long, we will upload some of our math next update with pics of my math skills in action!

Whats next?
Now all we have to do is implement diagonal Platforms in our world editor and be able to save platform segments with out world file.

do people still like 2D sidescrollers rpg (open world)

Update Coming Tomorrow!

Reddit and small comment!

So this quick update is just to inform you that we started posting on reddit! check out our first post at reddit!

do people still like 2D sidescrollers rpg (open world)

do people still like 2D sidescrollers rpg (open world)

 Do people still like 2DSideScrollers RPG (Open World)

This question is of high importance to us, since this is a project that we are putting a lot of time and effort into, and we are not taking any shortcuts like unity (which other indie dev do) for the solemn reason that I (the programmer) highly prefer also learning from the code as I write it from scratch and face complex situations that can be solved. Indie Game Development, as we found out, is not as easy as it may seem. We are hoping to bring this game to closed Alpha testing by early next month. We also already have an interesting plot that we think is unique to our game, and a cool name to go with it!
Get ready!

On another note, We didn’t have enough time into actually updating the game today, but we are now thinking about the concept of character stats and more in depth about skills. We will update you guys as soon as we have more information! get ready for new article on IndieDB and here tomorrow!



teleportation Portal


Little Update

So as you may have noticed, the “daily updates” don’t actually appear “daily,” we will do our best to bring them to you every day that we do not have a big update laying around that needs to be published! like today… however.. today you will take a look into 0.0.8.X… which is not close to being talked about in indieDB or even on here as an actual article yet. We try to keep the websites about 2 ~ 3 sub-updates behind just to be sure we have enough content to present in a day where we did not get to do anything due to one reason or another.

Exclusive Update

The Portal!

This is going to be brief, yet informative, as some of you may know this is going to be a 2D side-Scrolling RPG, with “open-world” aspects. We want to provide freedom to the user, to as much of an extent as we can, so we are adding this open world that will be updated throughout closed pre-alpha all the way to release and even afterwards with updates! we want to build a universe that you would want to be in!

Here is a portal in action, take in account this is NOT drawn by our artists, but by our artisticly unskilled programmer (le moi) so cut me some slack plz xD.. lol

teleportation Portal

teleportation Portal

once you click “w” on your keyboard next to portal you are switched to loading screen and then teleported to the next map!

That’s it for this quick update! stay tuned!