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Project DG 0.0.2

Game Dev Log – Project DG 0.0.2

What’s new in 0.0.2?

So, version 0.0.2… well, we added a couple of notice-able things, first of all, the small little chick on the side! well, it may not look like much, but this chick actually floats, as… a pick-able item would! I was kinda lazy and just re-used the sprite of the “player” for now as the sprite for the dropped item. Next up, we have the platform! the platform is not usable yet though, it is just for “decoration” and not interact-able. And I also removed the “HUD” testing at the bottom.

Dropped Items

I decided to test out if I can make a “dropped item” effect, and I succeeded! The item is not interact-able yet, but it is there! The dropped item basically floats up and down slowly, soon it will be on the platforms and not just floating like that in mid-air!


The platform needed it’s on algorithm in order to render… first, it is drawing the side of the platform, or the left edge, then it draws the platform’s center, repeating the texture as long as needed horizontally, then the left side is being drawn again, just in order to give it a “complete” look, the texture’s coordinates are flipped! Now, the platform is going to play a huge part in this game, they are going to host enemies, NPC’s, dropped items, and other stuff. making this platform a very valuable entity in the future game

well, this is the end of the day, hopefully tomorrow I will finish handling collision detection with the platform.  that’s the end of Project DG 0.0.2 Game Dev Log, I am so excited for this game…. 😀