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Menu Structure

Game Dev Log Update – Project DG 0.0.5.X

Indie Game Dev Log Update – Project DG 0.0.5.X

In version 0.0.5.x of our lwjgl game, we added a bunch of stuff, from stuff you cant see, to some nice skill effects and menu structures!

Game Dev ~

For these versions, we didn’t add much, all we did was change the code around a little bit fixing some mouse and keyboard feedback and adding in the option for keyboard binding! Now you can bind your actions to your keys, which brings up the option for…. menus… and… SKILLZ Binding! Oh… and we also added Screen system which allowed us to add our logo in the intro to the game (even the screen system is made from scratch… I didn’t know about slick2D while creating our screenManager class.. finished it and then found our there was a simple solution… just wow… am I right?) Version was just a tweak for the older keybinding.

Logo Intro

Logo Intro

Game Dev

Now this… this is where things started to happen! We added a simple grid which is bunch of lines drawn to present the structure of each 1 unit of platforms, we used it to test the textures and make sure they are drawn correctly. Next up, well this is what I was excited for the most. I added structure for skills, structure for jobs, and structure for character race into the game! Well you can’t see all of that in the game right now as this is not completely implemented but…. you can see a new skill that will belong to one of the classes we expect in the future! The skill is called “teleport” for now, it basically moves the character a set amount of distance to one direction for now (expect it to change very soon!!)

Skill and Grid update

Skill and Grid update

Game Dev

This version was the addition of skill effects! I created the skill effect class and added the first skill effect! The “Poof!” Now when the character teleports, a poof effect is shown that disappears after the animation is over! Giving the skill a greater impact on the viewer and makes it much cooler!

Poof Effect Added!

Poof Effect Added!

Game Dev

ok… now this.. is where this game becomes innovative! We wanted to give the player the freedom they deserve, even in a 2D space! instead of teleporting a set amount of space in a set direction, the user can choose how far (up to a limit) and in what direction, they want to teleport, giving you 360 degrees of freedom! FREEDOM FREEDOM

Game Dev

In this version we started adding the menu structure! this menu (the one in the gif file) is the inventory menu triggered my pressing `i` on the keyboard (this is where the keybinding comes to play btw!) the menus can move once clicked on and dragged, and can be closed by pressing the same button (in this case `i`) again. Next up, we just added a little bit more range to the teleport for testing purposes, in the game itself, there will be levels and you will have to level up your skill *and it wouldn’t be op… we will do our best to balance every skill.*

Menu Structure

Menu Structure

stay tuned for more and follow us on twitter and check out our page on indieDB!

Project DG – What to Expect in Update 0.0.5.X ?

Indie Game Project DG 0.0.5.X

Update 0.0.5.X will focus on basic skill and job system! Add on to that, we will add basic menu system for inventory and skills and more. We will focus on fixing the mouse recognition and add our own style of combat… one using the mouse! every skill in this, including normal attacks for range characters is including the mouse and basically is, sort of speak, a “skill-shot.”

Game Direction

We are going to have 4 jobs in this game, which are kept secret for now… (shhh…. don’t tell anyone but we might leak some stuff on twitter @_isolatedpixel … or here… so stay updated…). There will also be 3 main cities and 3 types of biomes, one will be the snow biome, next is Forest biome, and lastly… Steampunk biome! Each one of these biomes will have their own race and each race will have their own advantages and disadvantages, for example… one might be slower in snow, while the other is faster and able to neglect the cold.

So expect updates from us coming soon! we are almost done with 0.0.5.X and as soon as we are, we will upload here the news!

Game Dev Log

Game Dev Log – Project DG V. 0.0.3.X

Game Dev Log – Project DG


We divided version 0.0.3 into 3 parts, as we started out with the first revision, however we kept on tweaking it, but it wasn’t big enough of a change to call it a separate version :P. Ver. 0.0.3.X focused on platforms, collision detection, and camera control! which in my opinion changed the game a lot and made it somewhat “playable.” – Platforms

We had to program the platforms from scratch, meaning planning out their hierarchy and their structure, and in order to make the future easier, we decided to make a class called “world” or “map” in the future which will hold all of the platforms, and each of the platforms will hold objects such as dropped items, enemies, NPCs, and others.

platform-demo Platform demonstration

In this version, we tweaked the collision detection between the platforms and the objects, we also added more “dropped items.” The collision detection in were quite buggy, sometimes the character would just slide off the platform before it was even at the edge (if you look closely you will see it at the gif file of So we fixed that issue, we also checked the platform’s ability to hold dropped objects and update them within itself, so basically all of the “floating toilets” you see are objects that are handled within the platform itself! (and yes… its a floating toilet… i was bored 😛 ) platforms demonstration

Demonstrating platforms and dropped items project DG

Wheew…. ok… this… this is a big one 😀
Where do I start..? lol
Well, first, We created the first moving camera! now, the camera basically follows the character  and keeps it in the center, however it will not go underneath the first platform or to the left of the first platform (which is the origin of the coordinate system (0,0)). Next, we added more platforms for the first actual testing area!
there is one problem though, well one very VISIBLE problem lol, since the background is being drawn on the same layer as the game for now, it is moving with the character, exposing the empty green “canvas” behind it… this will be fixed once the background will get it’s own layer though! so nothing to worry about!

Game Dev Log v. added camera and more platforms

Project DG 0.0.2

Game Dev Log – Project DG 0.0.2

What’s new in 0.0.2?

So, version 0.0.2… well, we added a couple of notice-able things, first of all, the small little chick on the side! well, it may not look like much, but this chick actually floats, as… a pick-able item would! I was kinda lazy and just re-used the sprite of the “player” for now as the sprite for the dropped item. Next up, we have the platform! the platform is not usable yet though, it is just for “decoration” and not interact-able. And I also removed the “HUD” testing at the bottom.

Dropped Items

I decided to test out if I can make a “dropped item” effect, and I succeeded! The item is not interact-able yet, but it is there! The dropped item basically floats up and down slowly, soon it will be on the platforms and not just floating like that in mid-air!


The platform needed it’s on algorithm in order to render… first, it is drawing the side of the platform, or the left edge, then it draws the platform’s center, repeating the texture as long as needed horizontally, then the left side is being drawn again, just in order to give it a “complete” look, the texture’s coordinates are flipped! Now, the platform is going to play a huge part in this game, they are going to host enemies, NPC’s, dropped items, and other stuff. making this platform a very valuable entity in the future game

well, this is the end of the day, hopefully tomorrow I will finish handling collision detection with the platform.  that’s the end of Project DG 0.0.2 Game Dev Log, I am so excited for this game…. 😀

Project DG V. 0.0.1 Game Dev Log

Game Dev Log – Project Name “Project DG”

Why Project DG

We decided to call this Game Dev Log Project, Project DG, whichc stands for Project Dream Game, as we do not have a set name for it yet.

Game Dev Log Version 0.0.1 Update

As for the project update, we now integrated some Trigonometry into the game, the projectiles, pigs, are being shot relative to the character, the chicken in this case, according to the aim set by the mouse and represented with the arrow.
We also added a set target (the faint looking character floating there) for now which changes position once destroyed, and for this we needed to add collision detection. We decided to make the collision detection for this quite “dirty” for now, as it is just for testing.
The bottom part, is just testing the opacity levels for the HUD screen which is soon to be.


We created a INDIE DB account and uploaded stuff to it! We will keep both of these updated, we will share a link once we are approved!