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Project DG V. 0.0.1 Game Dev Log

Game Dev Log – Project Name “Project DG”

Why Project DG

We decided to call this Game Dev Log Project, Project DG, whichc stands for Project Dream Game, as we do not have a set name for it yet.

Game Dev Log Version 0.0.1 Update

As for the project update, we now integrated some Trigonometry into the game, the projectiles, pigs, are being shot relative to the character, the chicken in this case, according to the aim set by the mouse and represented with the arrow.
We also added a set target (the faint looking character floating there) for now which changes position once destroyed, and for this we needed to add collision detection. We decided to make the collision detection for this quite “dirty” for now, as it is just for testing.
The bottom part, is just testing the opacity levels for the HUD screen which is soon to be.


We created a INDIE DB account and uploaded stuff to it! We will keep both of these updated, we will share a link once we are approved!