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Texture Packer v01

Texture Packer

As the lead programmer of the games and projects we have developed so far, I found myself facing some struggles along with the artists as they sometimes just don’t make the sprite sheets as needed and the sprite sheets aren’t always optimized as best as they could be. Our artists also sometimes face some issues and its hard to explain to new artists, ones who never actually made sprite sheets for games, to make a “perfect” sprite sheet that will work flawlessly with our engine and other aspect of the game being developed.

So, before we start developing our next game in-depth, I decided to work on a side project to help out our artists in the future and make it easier on the programmers to use the sprite sheets.

After a long night of programming, I ended up with the new texture packer (image attached) which is very basic for now, but fits our needs. you simply drop all the sprites and frames you want to be added into the sprite sheet into the white rectangle, then name the file with the top text field, followed by the width and height desired and then apply it. the texture packer will organize the sprites position (right now with a very simple algorithm which I will work on in the future) and finally.. when you are ready, hit export and the sprite sheet will be exported as a “.png” file (soon it will also export a “.json” file that will hold all of the coordination and other aspects each sprite will have.)

stay tuned for more updates on our future project!