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Project DG – What to Expect in Update 0.0.5.X ?

Indie Game Project DG 0.0.5.X

Update 0.0.5.X will focus on basic skill and job system! Add on to that, we will add basic menu system for inventory and skills and more. We will focus on fixing the mouse recognition and add our own style of combat… one using the mouse! every skill in this, including normal attacks for range characters is including the mouse and basically is, sort of speak, a “skill-shot.”

Game Direction

We are going to have 4 jobs in this game, which are kept secret for now… (shhh…. don’t tell anyone but we might leak some stuff on twitter @_isolatedpixel … or here… so stay updated…). There will also be 3 main cities and 3 types of biomes, one will be the snow biome, next is Forest biome, and lastly… Steampunk biome! Each one of these biomes will have their own race and each race will have their own advantages and disadvantages, for example… one might be slower in snow, while the other is faster and able to neglect the cold.

So expect updates from us coming soon! we are almost done with 0.0.5.X and as soon as we are, we will upload here the news!

Dominick is leaving… I’m on my own…!

Ok, so Dominick, our lead artist and game designer, is leaving for vacation for the summer, and will not be back for a long time… meanwhile.. I’m working on the app! Now I might be going for a vacation in a few weeks too, but I’ll do my best to work on as much as I can before I leave!

Another update….

We told a background artist to start drawing backgrounds for the game and for each Biome! So stay tuned!

Game Direction

So far, the direction of our first game is headed towards adventure/building. Who doesn’t love that? “Biosphere” (a working title), will be a melting pot of a few different styles of atmosphere. As of now, we have cyber-punk city biomes, steampunk biomes, and then the usual and realistic earthly biomes. There are many more to come as well. Ideas are much appreciated too!

Now, as for combat in the game, which will play a large role, we’re going to include weapons and other means of combat such as guns, whips, blades, and elemental effects. We plan to mainly focus on the combat and adventure rather than the building factor in this game due to lack of space and convenience on the Android Operating System. So, we hope you enjoy our game when it is released, and please, feel free to send us ideas!