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TomChick’s Adventures Free 1.2 UPDATE – SURVIVAL MODE!

We now updated TomChick’s Adventures Free edition and added survival mode, meaning you can now play

Wave Survival –
Stand on a platform and avoid the pigs while trying to slay them all!

pig hunt –
look for the pigs in the area around you and slay them

both of these are awesome ways to earn more money for the game’s upgrades! you can buy any of the upgrades for the chick in the free version!

Download here!


New Android game main menu

Play Now TomChick’s Adventures Free!*

You can now play TomChick’s adventures free on the market!

In the free edition you get to play 5 out of the 34 levels presented in the full game so you could experience the basics of the game!

In the full game you will also get to experience a different game play which is survival mode!

So go check out the new android game TomChick’s adventure and check out our website for more updates!

we will also start to write more blogs in this website such as dev blogs for games and apps, and things we faced while developing the game!

TomChick’s Adventures – Free




TomChick's Adventures Level 1

“BioSphere” Idea got scratched, a new baby chick is on the block!

I didn’t write here in a while, so what’s new?

Well, a lot had changed, we had to scratch the idea of “BioSphere,” even though it was starting to come along, and start a new game instead with different artists and engine.

I made the game from scratch using Opengl ES 2.0 and created some basic classes, then the idea of making a side scroller came up… we added a mentally challenged baby chick… and boom! TomChick was born!

Now, the game is already available on the market so you guys can go download it as we speak

TomChick’s Adventures

In this game, play as Tom,The mentally challenged baby chick! throughout his adventures though the farm and the big city! help him pass obstacles and kill pigs which will try to stop him and knock him out! buy upgrades to your chick, improve it, and continue playing! buy more ammo for your ultimate Burst Shot and slay all the pigs at once!

TomChick's Adventure - CIty

TomChick’s Adventure – CIty Level

TomChick Level Picker

TomChick Level Picker

TomChick Main Menu

TomChick Main Menu